Our Welcome

Our Welcome

Healthy Lawn Services, mean Green, Vigor, Free of weeds and Pests.
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What We Offer

What We Offer

Professional Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care. Treatments on Residencial & Commercial Properties.
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Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Carrol County, Anne Arundel County and Harford County.


Why Choose Us

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HEALTHY LAWN SERVICES, a Green, Vigor, Free of Weeds and Pest Lawn.

Because a beautiful lawns comes from the use of right products and care at the right time, including an accurate treatment by our specialists, from the very first application until the end of the year.

Healthy Lawn Services does more than provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for home landscape and furnish an area for outdoor activities. Turf forms a dense mat of roots that anchors the soil preventing soil erosion, filters pollutants from run-off and slows excess water down allowing it to sink into the ground. Also a Healthy lawn increases significantly the value of your property.

In order to obtain a healthy lawn our program includes: Healthy lawn Analysis, Fertilization, Weed Control, Preventive protection against Lawn Insects and Inspection for power seeding. We only use EPA registered and approved material and equipment. Also, all of our work is supervised by licensed professionals to guarantee the job was done right.

A good maintenance program also includes the necessary participation of the costumer with cultural practices such as: proper mowing, proper height and frequency , also Irrigation at the first sign of summer stress.

Together we can achieve the lawn your neighbor will want!

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